Medi-Quik® First Aid Spray

A first aid antiseptic aerosol with
a no-sting formula

Medi-Quik® First Aid Spray relieves pain and helps protect against infection. Its comfortable, no-sting formula gently cleans and disinfects cuts, scrapes and abrasions.

Medi-Quik® is particularly popular with Moms and is a standard item in the medicine cabinets of households with kids

Medi-Quik® First Aid Spray
Size - 3 oz. Can

Active Ingredients:
Lidocaine effectively relieves pain while Benzalkonium Chloride fights germs.
Lidocaine 2.0%
Benzalkonium Chloride 0.135%
(This combination of ingredients is Category I)
Propellant /Storage Conditions
Isobutane (not an ozone depleter)

The Medi-Quik® formulation is in a water base and as such is non-flammable.

Medi-Quik® carries only a level 1 aerosol storage classification and can be stored in general ambient warehouse conditions.

Medi-Quik® is a first aid antiseptic and pain-relieving spray that temporarily relieves pain and itch in minor cuts, scrapes and burns while helping to protect against skin infection.

UPC Codes:
Medi-Quik® First Aid Spray
Size - 3 oz can
Unit UPC Code: 3-65380-10211- (0)

12 pcs. per case
Case UPC Code: 3-65380-90211-6



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